The Brouwersdam is buzzing with sportsmanship, fun and conviviality. A place you should definitely visit! You will soon notice that the attraction of the Brouwersdam is so great that you will keep coming back. 

What makes the Brouwersdam such a nice place? 

  • You will enjoy clean sandy beaches here;
  • They offer a very varied range of (extreme) sports;
  • There is a great diversity of beach pavilions;
  • In high season there are many clinics & events.

The Brouwersdam, with the Grevelingenmeer on one side and the North Sea on the other, is the perfect place for a all kinds of water sports. You can always go somewhere. A few fun activities in a row:

  • The Waterjump;
  • Beachvolleybal;
  • Cycling / walking;
  • Visiting the Driving Tram Museum;
  • Spotting Seals.

Interested in an overview of all activities? Then take a look at this website.

Come and experience the vibrant energy on the Brouwersdam for yourself!

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