Cities & Villages


Scharendijke is within walking distance of the campsite. The village has a cosy centre with several restaurants, cafes, terraces and a supermarket. Can you see yourself sitting on the terrace during a beautiful summer evening? Be sure to have a look at the marina.


Renesse is only 4 km away from the campsite. Renesse is not without reason a popular destination for many. You will find nice shops, restaurants, terraces, bars and nightclubs. Be sure to order a cup of coffee or tea with a delicious bolus in Renesse.


Zierikzee is a pleasant historic city that is also the capital of Schouwen-Duiveland. Climb the Sint Lievens Monster Tower, admire the medieval harbour gate and then walk on to the picturesque city harbour. There is plenty to see in Zierikzee!


At 38 km from the campsite you will find Middelburg, the capital of Zeeland. The city has a rich history that is still clearly visible in today's streetscape. More than 1,100 national monuments are located in the city centre. Taste the city's own character during your visit.


Vlissingen is called inseparable from the boulevard. The harbour city has the longest seafront promenade in the Netherlands. From the restaurants and terraces on the promenade in summer and winter you have a magnificent view of the seagoing ships passing by.

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