The Grevelingenmeer is just a ten-minute walk from the campsite. Here you will find a beautiful child-friendly recreational beach with a super fun playground above the shallow water.

There is also a sandy beach with a sunbathing area and a demarcated swimming area. From watchtower het koepeltje you have a beautiful view over the Grevelingen! Het koepeltje is a snorkel area where you can see a lot underwater. You can spot beach crabs, small fish and sometimes even a lobster.

Fun fact

The Grevelingenmeer is the largest saltwater lake in Western Europe. Because of its large surface area, you can also do anything here. Surfing, sailing, diving, fishing, boat trips... You name it!

Things to do with the kids

Go catching crabs with the kids on a pier or scaffolding. Make a simple DIY rod with a piece of rope, a lead and a clothespin with a piece of bread in between. The kids have 100% bite and lots of fun!

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